Formal Makeup Class

Do you want your makeup to look like it was done by a professional, but don't want to spend a bunch of money on a makeup artist? Or maybe you're attending an event where you need that extra special touch, and you're tired of looking like you're going to the office or school?


No matter what the reason, our new Formal Makeup Class has got you covered. This 30-minute video tutorial will walk you through all the little steps you need to know to get perfect makeup for prom, galas, and other formal events. It's soft glam that will make you feel like a star without being overstated—it's just enough to let your natural radiance shine through. Plus, we've included an in-depth product list so that you can get everything you need before class starts (but don't worry; it's all totally affordable).


Beautiful, camera-ready makeup that lasts all night long isn't just for the pros. Now, it's for you! 


Learn how to achieve stunning, formal makeup that you can be proud of and won't cost you a fortune in this fun, simple class. 


In this class, you'll learn: 


- How to apply your makeup for a flawless, glam look that stays put (no touch-ups required) 

- How to apply eyeliner like an expert 

- The secrets behind "instagrammable" makeup 

- Highlighting + Contouring 

- Blending techniques that will leave you feeling like a pro


You'll also have direct access to Olivia who will answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues. See you inside! 





Formal Makeup Class